10 ideas de merchandising personalizado fabricado con impresion 3d

10 personalized merchandising ideas made with 3D printing

3D printing is an innovative technology that has been applied in different areas, including merchandising. 3D printing allows the creation of personalized and unique products, which can be very attractive to consumers and companies looking to stand out in the market.

In personalized merchandising manufactured with 3D printing, this technique is used to create a wide variety of unique and custom products, such as key chains, ornaments, mobile phone holders, 3D figures, storage boxes, toys, templates for prints, among others. others.

These products can be designed according to the client's specifications, including the company logo, corporate colors and exclusive designs.

Additionally, 3D printing can be used to prototype products before mass production, which can be very useful for companies that want to test and fine-tune their product designs before launching them on the market.

10 merchandising 3D printing ideas

In case you need some ideas, I'll tell you some examples that we at LolitaPrint have already worked on for some clients. If you need inspiration, don't stop asking us. We will advise you and look for the best idea together for your personalized merchandising. Surprise your clients.

  1. 3D figures of characters from movies or television series: figures of the most popular characters from movies or television series can be 3D printed and used as gifts or souvenirs.

  2. Custom Keychains – Keychains are one of the most popular products for 3D printing. Custom keychains can be designed with a company logo, name, photos, 3D designs, among others.

  3. Mobile Phone Holders: Mobile phone holders are very useful for work and home. They can be customized with designs and logos, and can be an excellent promotional gift for companies.

  4. Christmas Tree Ornaments: Personalized 3D Christmas ornaments can be created to hang on the Christmas tree. These can be perfect gifts for family and friends.

  5. Storage boxes: Custom boxes can be 3D printed to store products, tools, jewelry, among others. The boxes can be designed with a company's corporate colors or with any other personalized design.

  6. 3D Toys: Toys are a big market for 3D printing. Personalized toys for children and adults can be 3D printed, from racing cars to dolls and animals.

  7. Personalized photo frames: Custom photo frames can be 3D printed with specific designs and colors for a special occasion such as a wedding, baptism, birthday, among others.

  8. Templates for prints: Custom templates for fabric prints can be 3D printed. This can be useful for fashion designers and clothing stores.

  9. Personalized fashion accessories: Personalized fashion accessories can be 3D printed, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, among others. These can be exclusive and unique gifts for family and friends.

  10. Wall decoration: wall decoration pieces, such as sculptures or reliefs, can be 3D printed. These can be exclusive gifts for companies or to decorate homes and offices.

Do you need ideas? Or do you already have an idea and what you want is for us to help you turn it into a personalized merchandising product with 3D printing?
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