10 ideas de decoracion personalizada para tu boda con impresion 3d

10 personalized decoration ideas for your wedding with 3D printing

Your wedding day is the most special moment of your life and that is why we have thought of personalized decoration ideas for your wedding with 3D printing. You want everything to go well and you pay attention to even the smallest details. Weddings are prepared years in advance to have everything under control.

On this day, decoration plays a very special role and there are many things that need to be controlled. That's why at LolitaPrint we want to give you some ideas to make your wedding a unique experience not only for you but also for your guests.

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10 decoration ideas with 3D printing

  1. Centerpieces: You can print personalized centerpieces with flowers, candles and other elements to match the wedding theme.

  2. brand personalized wedding sites

  3. Table Markers – Print unique, personalized table markers that guests can take away as souvenirs.

  4. Ceremony Decor: From arches to columns and other decorative elements, 3D printing allows you to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces for your ceremony.

  5. wedding guest details Gifts for guests: You can print gifts and souvenirs for wedding guests, such as keychains, coasters, magnets, and more.

  6. Cake Toppers – Print a personalized wedding cake topper, which you can match the design of the invitation.

  7. frame gift photo guests wedding
  8. Personalized Signs – Create personalized signs with the couple's names and wedding date that can be used as decorations at the reception.

  9. flowers 3d printing wedding
  10. 3D Printing Flowers: You can print flowers to decorate the ceremony or reception that are durable and will not wither.

  11. disney alliance holder
  12. Ring Holder – Print a personalized ring holder for the ceremony, which can then be a wedding keepsake.

  13. Miniatures of the couple: If you like personalized details, you can print miniatures of the couple to use in wedding decorations.

  14. Plaques and signage: You can print custom plaques and signage to indicate different areas of the reception, such as the dance floor or the drinks bar.

These are just a few ideas, but we can design, create and manufacture your idea without any problem. Just tell us and let's start creating magic for your most special day.
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