10 ideas de impresion 3d para productoras de television

10 3D printing ideas for television production companies

3D printing has to gain a place in television production companies because it is a tool that will allow them to save a lot of time and money in the production of props and decoration pieces for everyday use.

Discover here the benefits of 3D printing for television production companies

Today I'm telling you 10 ideas of products that can be manufactured with 3D printers in one morning for television production companies.

  1. Create models and mockups of sets and television sets to see how they will look on screen before building them in real life.

  2. Use 3D printing to produce props, such as tools, helmets, face shields, decorative objects and more.

  3. Create accurate replicas of historical objects or even busts for use in sketches, historical series and other television programs.

  4. Use 3D printing to create costumes and accessories for television characters, such as masks, jewelry, hats and more.

  5. Create 3D models of actors or characters for use in special effects, such as computer animation and holograms.

  6. Use 3D printing to create decoration and furniture pieces for television sets, such as lamps, chairs, tables and more.

  7. Create models of cars and other vehicles for use in television scenes involving chases and other high-speed events.

  8. Use 3D printing to produce action figures and other products related to television characters, such as t-shirts, mugs, and more.

  9. Create custom designs for television opening credits as well as other graphic elements for shows.

  10. Use 3D printing to produce electronic components and other devices needed for television productions, such as custom microphones and lighting control boxes.

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