10 ideas de impresion 3d personalizada para tu boda

10 personalized 3D printing ideas for your wedding

3D printing can be a great option for creating personalized and unique elements for a wedding.

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Here I present some ideas of 3D printing designs that could be ideal for a wedding:

  1. Cake Toppers: You can create a personalized cake topper with your initials or a 3D printed couple figurine.

  2. Flowers: You can create bouquets of 3D printed flowers that won't wilt. Additionally, you could customize them in special colors or shapes for your wedding.

  3. Souvenirs for guests: You can 3D print small souvenirs for wedding guests, such as keychains, magnets, candle holders, among others.

  4. Table decoration: You can 3D print small sculptures that serve as decoration for the reception tables.

  5. Personalized Jewelry: If you like the idea of ​​wearing personalized jewelry on your wedding day, 3D printing will allow you to create unique, personalized designs that suit your tastes and style.

  6. Table numbers: You can 3D print the reception table numbers to give it a personalized touch.

  7. Keychains for the seating plan: You can 3D print small keychains with the guests' names to use as a seating plan.

  8. Decorations for the bouquet: You can 3D print small decorations that you can attach to the bride's bouquet, such as initials, a heart, a meaningful phrase, etc.

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  9. Gifts for the groom: You can 3D print personalized cufflinks for the groom.

  10. Ring Bearer: You can 3D print a personalized ring bearer for the ceremony. Here you can see our Disney Castle ring holder, although we can design it to your liking with any theme. Disney ring holder

In short, 3D printing allows you to create personalized and unique elements for your wedding that can make it even more special and memorable.

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