15 ideas de atrezzo con impresion 3d

15 prop ideas with 3D printing

3D printing has come to production companies to stay, not only because of the cost savings it represents but also because of the immediacy and level of detail it offers.

Industries such as television, theater, musicals, and any type of production that requires special props or very specific decoration have a special ally in 3D printing for production companies. And also today companies that can offer this service.

15 prop ideas that can be made with 3D printing

The beauty of 3D printing for production companies is that you can create almost anything that comes to mind. You just have to design it on a computer and from there take it to the printer.

Here are some ideas of work we have already done at LolitaPrint.

  1. Masks – Print themed masks to use in a production or television show, such as animal masks, superhero helmets, movie characters, and more.

3d printing for production companies

  1. Custom headbands: You can print headbands with custom designs that match the theme of the event.

props with 3d printing

  1. Flower Crowns: Use 3D printing to print custom flower crowns for the bride, bridesmaid, or anyone you want to honor at the celebration.

  2. Themed glasses: print themed glasses like those used at New Year's parties or even personalized sunglasses.

props with 3d printing

  1. Hats: Use 3D printing to print themed hats such as cowboy hats, party hats, among others.

  2. Masks : print custom masks to use at the costume party or even in a photo shoot.

  3. Hair Accessories: Print hair accessories such as personalized clips and hairpins with different shapes and designs.

  4. Clothing Accessories – Print clothing accessories, such as brooches, belts, or even custom buttons. Thematic, period... etc.

  5. Bunting: Use 3D printing to print personalized bunting with the couple's name or party theme.

  6. Table Decorations: Print table decorations, such as coasters, napkin holders, or even candle holders.

decoration props 3d printing

  1. Maracas: Print custom maracas to use at a theme party.

  2. Props Accessories: Print photo props such as mustaches, lips, glasses, among others.

  3. Custom Stamps – Use 3D printing to print custom stamps to decorate invitations, thank you cards, or even envelopes.

  4. Keychains – Print custom keychains as favors for party guests.

  5. Piñatas: use 3D printing to print the structure of a personalized piñata with the shape and design you want.

At LolitaPrint we can design any type of product and then print it with our 3D printers. If you have the 3D design great, if not our team will work to make it a reality.
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