3d sculpture service

We present the new 3d sculpture service.

A premium service to have a sculpture for life.

3d modeling

Our team will design and model your figure making it look exactly like the one in the photos you provide us. To do this we will need photographs from different angles to know each feature of the figure that we will have to create.

We model the photo of your favorite person or pet in 3D and then print it in 3D with our team of printers.

The material we use is PLA, which is a biodegradable plastic, hard and resistant to the passage of time.

Our 3D sculpture service is ideal for:

- Save a memory of a person or pet for a lifetime

- Create dolls

- Create mannequins

- Create life-size figures of any person or character.


How the 3D digital sculpture service works

Choose the size of your 3d sculpture and request information.

It is possible to make small sculptures from 10 cm to life-size bust sculptures.

The budget varies depending on what you need:

- If it is a person or pet

- Sculpture size

- Full body or bust sculpture type

- If it requires post processing and hand painting.

sculpture 3d modeling

Furthermore, once the sculpture has been modeled, thanks to 3D printers we can manufacture it in any size and for any support.

Turn your sculpture into any other piece:

  • Traditional decoration sculpture
  • Sculpture-shaped keychains
  • Coasters
  • Merchandising
  • Glasses
  • Pots
  • Lamps
  • and any piece you can think of

Request your quote now and we will advise you to create your 3D sculpture.

digital sculpture