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Disney castle 3d

Disney castle 3d

This 3D Disney castle is a unique LolitaPrint limited edition decoration and collection piece.

It is designed on a computer and made of biodegradable plastic with a full color 3D printer.

It measures approximately 21cm high by 17cm wide.

It is important to understand that this is a piece of craftsmanship, not a toy. It's very delicate. It is not perfect precisely because of the type of preparation but it is very reliable.

Without a doubt it will not go unnoticed by anyone who sees it. It draws a lot of attention. In addition, the colors have been specially selected to stand out with brilliant effects.

It is a limited edition of LolitaPrint since each piece I spend more than 3 full days of printing and 2 kilos of material used although the piece weighs 1.2 kg.

For each castle order I will need a minimum of 20-30 days minimum.

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