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3D person or pet sculpture in resin

3D person or pet sculpture in resin


We model and design the 3D sculpture of your favorite person or pet to have a memory for life in resin with 3D printers.

We will need many photos from different angles to be able to know well the features of the person to be sculpted.

The budget is divided into two parts:

- Modeling : €50 consists of computer modeling of the figure, a digital file with the design of the face or body

- 3D printing: €50 for the print, which can be in resin or filament depending on the details.

In total €100.

It is a complex work process that takes us a minimum of 3 weeks since we must first model in 3D.

It is made of PLA which is a biodegradable plastic for life. Hard and resistant. Also in resin depending on size and details.

measures approximately up to 28 cm

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