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Site marking pot with name

Site marking pot with name

The placemark pot with name is a beautiful option to reassess your wedding guests or any event.

A unique and exclusive gift with each person's name.

Made from sustainable materials, the planter offers a unique combination of beauty and quality with an embroidered name on the front.

Approximate measurements: 6cm x 6cm

Variety of colors available

The price varies depending on the number of pots you need.

- Up to 4 pots the price is €8 each

- Between 5 and 20 pots the price is €5

- From 20 pots the price is €4

write to me privately for very large orders!

The price does not include the plant. If you want it, you would have to add €1.5 for the plant and the preparation of the shipment, which is special so that they arrive as best as possible.

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